Audio & Video

Creation and production of audio and video episodes and the management of their transmission and sales to the general market and the business-to-business community.

Media Training

For public speakers, radio and TV hosts including on camera, live broadcast and presentation skills.

Social Media Services

Composition, orchestration and management of social media outreach efforts including the creation of editorial calendars, missives and other communication devices for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

Event Marketing Services

Including the creation, development and execution of high impact gatherings and showcases as well as the promotion, marketing and advertising of these episodes.

Turnkey Graphic Design Services

Creation and production of corporate ID packages, logos, stationery, brochures, sales materials, websites, wearables, company vehicles and premiums.

Planning and Placement

Radio, TV, outdoor, print and Internet advertising and the maintenance of media relationships.

Creative Development and Production

Radio, TV, print, Internet, outdoor and direct marketing, advertising and communications.

Strategic Planning, Coordination and Execution

For branding, marketing, advertising, promotional and public relations initiatives


Seminars, training sessions, and motivational speeches through Ovations Speakers and Talent